My Favorite Strategy For Determining Exits

What is your favorite strategy for looking for exits? Why trading is so much about being in rhythm?

On the previous episode, a trader asked me: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE STRATEGY FOR LOOKING FOR EXITS?

In this week’s episode, we look at the E-mini S&P 500 chart and apply my strategy on how to determine exits. We also talk about why trading is so much about being in rhythm?

I got on a rhythm one time this week, and it almost cost me my entire week. So much about this business is about the rhythm of your execution. Good decision-making is contagious. Bad decision-making is contagious.

We all make mistakes, but it’s just about staying in that good decision.

Keep doing what you plan to do. Cause if you get off a little bit, it could almost cost you your entire week or more like it almost did to me.

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