Currency Futures vs Spot Forex

Why trade futures over Forex?

First off, transparent and level playing field. Since there’s no centralized exchange in forex trading, there is limited market transparency. Although forex is an electronic market, orders are often dealing desk, with a middle man in place processing the forex orders. There are inherent challenges ensuring a fair call for all forex participants, while all futures trades are traded and cleared via a centralized exchange.

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Futures markets also operate by the FIFO rules, first in first out, this ensures a level playing field for all futures traders. Futures markets offer accurate volume data, for use in trading decisions.

Volume is an important tool for many traders using technical analysis, such as volume profile and because futures markets are centralized, volume data is universal for all futures traders.

Upfront pricing, when trading traditional spot forex variables spreads make price uncertain and the transaction cost can with every trade, but when trading futures all transaction cost are fixed and upfront, therefore the cost of doing business is known from the beginning.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. 

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