Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures

What are Henry Hub Natural Futures?  

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The best way to trade Natural Gas is using CME Groups NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures, Symbol NG. Henry hub is the most important hub for natural gas in North America. As the delivery point for Henry Hub Natural Gas futures, the Henry Hub, located in Louisiana, is a nexus of several natural gas interconnections.

Here you will find interstate and intrastate pipelines, as well as other related infrastructure. Because of this level of interconnection, Henry Hub offers natural gas shippers and marketers’ ready access to pipelines serving markets across the entire United States.

When local markets across the United States price their natural gas, they tend to do so based off a differential to Henry Hub. This differential accounts for regional market conditions, transportation costs and available transmission capacity between locations.

Features and benefits
Deep, liquid market. Traders can quickly get in and out of positions with the third largest physical commodity futures contract in the world by volume
400K contracts are traded daily, with 1.4M of open interest.

Capital efficiency
Control a large contract value with a small amount of capital. Used properly, it’s a powerful way to increase capital efficiency.

Physical Settlement
NYMEX NG futures are closely connected to the spot market, reducing slippage.

Natural Gas TAS spreads (NGT) are available on NYMEX in any spread combination for the first 12 consecutive monthly contracts.

Global benchmark
Natural Gas is the world’s 3rd largest physical commodities futures contract, with use growing in South America, Asia and Europe.

Nearly 24-hour electronic access
Get around-the-clock trading via the CME Globex & CME ClearPort venues.

So if you’re a trader looking to trade Natural Gas, look no further than CME Groups NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures and Options. Thank you for watching the benefits of futures.

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